Precision Front Mount Owners-Please step inside


I live in Florida & considering a front mount

I have stock radiator w/distilled water & RMI only
160 stat
ramchargers dual fan

Will I have any issues during 90 degrees + in summer running A/C in the city or highway???
I say yes if you want to enjoy getting after the car.
Mine with the AC on in 90° -100° heat stock rad with stock ic with the dual fan gets up to 190 when its really really hot out when im stuck in traffic for 45 minutes dead stop.
tbirdv6 said:
Will I have any issues during 90 degrees + in summer running A/C in the city or highway???

We get around 210+ here durring the summer time but you guys in florida your humidity percentage is much higher than us here in hawaii. Once my car hits 210 I actually shut the a/c down, the temps do climb quickly with the a/c on even driving in the highways.

It might be a good idea to get another single fan in front of the radiator.

Did you converted your a/c to 134a? I heard with r12 the condensor runs alot cooler.
I live in Central Kentucky where in the summer heat and humidity rule and I have no problem. PTE FMIC, Ramchargers Dual fans, F Body aluminum rad from AutoZone. The highest I have ever seen in 90º+ weather is 179º with the AC on, 10 second car too.
Im in Lafayette, LA, it gets HOT down here. I yanked the factory fan and purchased two small high speed fans from Summit and wired them to toggle switches. But the biggest difference was having my radiatior rodded. It didnt look bad (only 49k on car)but it was actually very clogged.

With a 160 thermostat in 90 degree weather I only hit 180 degrees on my temp gauge and one fan running. The FMIC are nice but you cant have your cake and eat it too without a little extra modifications(fans, etc..)

Bottom line...rod out your radiator before adding the fans, I wish I would have done that first.
I have an aluminum radiator and the coolant temp stays cool even with a PTE front mount. Add an aftermarket radiator and you'll have no problems. I also have my chip programmed so the fan always runs when the cars is stopped or moving at less than 30 mph. Paul
Unless the stock rad has been recored, its probably not going to keep up with the heat down here. After 19 years the rads are pretty gummed up. Get an f-body radiator for a little over $100, dual fans and you should be good to go.

I run a stock location IC and alky, so take my advice for what its worth! ;)
I lived in Daytona Beach for four years. PTE FMIC stock radiator w/ a recore job done and ramchargers fan set up. Never got above 187* w/ a/c on.