Price for Mod Installs???



Hi guys. After some thorough research I think I have settled on the mods I am going to do to my 2000 Regal GS. I am going to put a reflashed ECM, C/I Intake, 2 ranges colder plugs, 3.25 pulley, and the U-Bend retrofit. Does anyone have any idea how much it should be to have these things installed? The hi performance shop I am working with is telling me around $400. I thought that seemed kind of steep. Thanks for the help!
Removing the stock airbox system is really no big deal, requiring only the removal of a few screws and a good yank upward on the airbox to "pop" the hold-down clips. Once the airbox is opened up, it's easy to pull out the PCM as well. That would solve two of the install issues, as a couple of the CAI kits have custom trays to hold the PCM. In essence, as long as you have it apart anyway, why not do both?

Plugs aren't that hard to change either. I removed the large black bracket on the rear cylinder bank by undoing the two 13mm bolts that hold it on the rear cylinder head (just feel around, you'll find them as they're pretty obvious.) Once the bracket's out of the way (I left mine off and put it in a box), it's easy to get your hands back there. I also pull off the strut tower brace (4 13mm nuts) and lie on a large blanket so that sharp pointy things aren't jabbing me in the chest while changing the back plugs (Cyls 2,4 &6). BTW, I gap my plugs at .055".

U-bend replacement: typically a $80-$100 job to have done at your local muffler shop, including the cost of the materials. Mine is made from 3" straight tubing and the shop had the correct bung for the 02 sensor. Since the car was up on the rack, I also had them cut off the resonator and remaining factory pipe and run 3" tubing all the way to the front of the fuel tank. The tubing swedges down to 2.5" at that point and feeds into the OEM muffler. It sounds good with no drone, flows well, and looks stealthy.

Pulley replacement: I've done a number of these using the proper tools. The last time I did one, however, the pulley broke into two pieces, leaving a huge chunk on the blower shaft. This required the judicious use of an air grinder to get the remaining piece off. In my area, the going rate to do a pulley swap is $60. Make sure you have the right belt when going with a smaller pulley, I used a NAPA P/N ####753 for my 3.25. For the 3.4, I used the Gatorback belt sold on Terry Reals' website found at:

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