Question about running tubular control arms with stock lower arms...


Hey Guys,
I have an '87 turbo t. Have all new front suspension with urethane bushings for the stock front upper and lower control arms and all the other front suspension components and urethane bushings for those as well. Would using the stock control arms with urethane bushings be okay? I basically wanted to stiffen the stock parts in the front of the car. My budget is kind of tight, but I wanted to do the best with what I could afford. What about running tubular uppers with the stock lowers with urethane bushings. Which tubular uppers would you all recommend? I have stock front/rear replacement coils, shocks, UMI rear upper/lower non adjustable control arms, UMI front frame braces and UMI rear shock brace as well. I read something about running using the tubular uppers and stock lowers together somewhere on one of the G body forums. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I had poly bushings on front upper & lower control arms for over 14 years, drove fine and rode fine, no issues. Then with H&R motor mounts and TA headers, the back "ear" on the passenger upper was rubbing the header, so I swapped the uppers for UMI tubular arms. Seems to drive about the same, I'm sure it would handle a lot better if I didn't have drag shocks on the front
If you are going to swap out bushings in the stock front upper & lower A-arms I would recommend using Delrin Bushings. They hold up to the heat of the pass area down pipe and eliminate squeaks, and offer less bind.