Question for guys running Type F


MH-60S Airframer, USN!!
Nov 18, 2007
For the guys running Type F what brand do you use and is there any difference?

Ive been running reg Type F from the local auto parts store but lately heard some good reviews about Red Line ATF products on another board. They offer a Racing(Type F) fluid and was wondering if any has had any experience with their products?
WTH?!?! :confused::confused:

Thanks steve, been looking around and found couple that are slightly bigger but one is 3/4 not the 1 1/2.
Tru-Cool LPD, thick cooler & standard installation kit Makco Transmission Parts
Hayden Transaver Plus, extra heavy duty & standard installation kit Makco Transmission Parts

Now this is off topic but i do remember reading some where that the 3/4 thick coolers are more efficient than the 1 1/2 are, but thats a whole new topic.

Good, couple more options. Anyone of those will be plenty. If the trans still overheats you have other probs.