Ran a CarFax, USELESS, know it was stolen/recovered, looking for help with the VIN...


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I don't wanna be THAT guy on my first post, but I do know that the '87 GN that I'm fixing to put a deposit on tomorrow was previously stolen and recovered. I ran a CarFax which didn't reflect that and didn't have any information more recent than '91. There's no build sheet/sticker on the rear decklid so I can't confirm that it has the WE2 code so I was hoping to be able to figure that out through the VIN. Any helpful links or does anyone have the ability to do that? I tried a few I found online and they weren't detailed or the least bit useful...


You ARE kidding, right??

Kidding?? No. It was stolen and recovered and issued a special VIN plate by the state. Last I checked it's far from the only GN that's been stolen and recovered. And my insurance company has no problem insuring it either with the special VIN/title.
3 ways to document a real Grand National.......
the RPO/SPID label on the trunk lid
the build sheet from inside the left door which would have the VIN and the WE2 code
the original window sticker.
The original VIN only told you that it had a turbo engine. It did not specify if it was built as a T or a GN.
I do not know if GM has any kind of service in place like they had for old Pontiacs and later model vehicles where you could give them the VIN and you can get a printout of the original vehicle build info.
I hope that the price reflects the lack of pedigree , nothing wrong with buying a theft recovery if the price is right, but buying an unknown model???