Re: Apologies to Hawaii members


Shhh... I've got a Secret
Oct 30, 2001
To All Members,

I apologize deeply for my moments of weakness and my lack of common sense concerning the recent events surrounding member 87Octane. I made an ass out of myself. I do have a short fuse and for that I apologize. I let him get to me:( and I admit it. I am not the kind of person who cannot admit to his mistakes. I do however, stand my ground on my "gut feeling" about this person, who comes to our site only to try and antagonize our members. "Trolling. as it is called, should not be tolerated, especially by those who do not share our love for the little engine that can, the famous Buick 3.8 Litre V-6" Sorry guys & gals, but it has been a long week for me, 72 hours, 4-16 hour days, and three hours sleep a day, can make you really cranky. To those of you that asssisted me in the col-down process, a heartfelt "Mahalo",or thank you is in order for your patience and support. Although I have only met a couple of you personally, you guys are the greatest, coolest bunch I've known. thanks a lot, and I guess I'm buying the beer/food whenever we finally meet.
Nothing to apoligize about, you're just showing you feelings, like others will just hold it in. He should be settleing this between you guys anytime soon. And yes we all should meet up one day.

I'll be with the Impala group again next month, ususally 2nd sunday, I'll give you guys the verified sure date when donald gets back from his trip (Korea) and we verify the date. BTW, you and the rest of the guys still up for the pot-luck/cookout? Also, Don said a preliminary meeting some where else is fine (Zippys, Elephant and Castle in Pearl City, or ?) so we can plan , or let me know what/when. I put someone on my ignore list, to keep my BP down so I doubt we will meet. (87O and I) unless he pulls his BS GTS along side of me on the road. like you said, I dont need this. BTW, if he says anything of interest, let me know.