Re Wrap Steering Wheel

Looking to get a 87 GN Wheel re done. Who is the best ? There is someone in PA (gnpowermasters) i think on E-bay for 265 + 20 to ship + my core I don't have a problem with the price. My question is has any one used them before and if so were you pleased ???
There is a nice lady on eBay she gets 195 plus the core she does a great Job she did one for me it was flawless if you can't find it let me know


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I use the lady on ebay. She did great a job,

The same here.....excellent job and is a real beauty! I sent my old one back as a core, no problem.

The craftsmanship on this steering wheel is second to none. I've never regretted buying it from her. She is an absolute pro at this. Best I've ever seen and worth every dime paid. So pretty that I'm afraid to touch it....I got a cover for it.

Bruce '87 Grand National
On steering wheels

we offer the GN grey ones....done by a woman in the midwest who does them for several major Corvette companies....most companies have a core charge as they (us) need to keep the cycle going.

Quality is excellent as it takes a lot of patience I am sure to wrap a wheel properly.

I think on our website is a photo and price info as well.

Probably same source that does G Body....

You can gamble on ebay to save a few bucks providing you get the same quality that we sell.
Gbody and as well as us certianily recognize what is correct for these cars...
do u have a picture of ur steering wheel bruce ? id like to see one redone besides the dark blue:D

Turbobooster, I'd be more than happy to post up a few pictures for you....please wait until tomorrow afternoon when I get home, then I'll go out in the garage, take a few shots for you, and post them tomorrow evening. Would that be OK with you?

You'll see by the pictures that the "lady" who does them on the Internet that was previously posted is quite the expert.

So, until tomorrow evening, I'll see you them. Take care. By the way, Merry Christmas!

Bruce '87 Grand National
absolutely bruce i can wait thanx for taking the time to do that and merry christmas to u too as well as all the guys i will check out ur site kirban thanx