Real/Fake Art Carr????


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May 25, 2001
I'm confused... :confused: I went out and looked at the paperwork for my dying tranny that I thought was from Art Carr, and it came from Art Carr in Reno Nevada. Is this the "REAL" Art Carr? If not where is the real Art Carr, and who the H*LL are these guys in NV?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! And even more importantly if they are THE Art Carr then how can the stay in business pretending to be????? I don't know about anyone else, but something seems VERY fishy to me about this whole situation. Or am I just TOTALLY confused. I thought I was getting a tranny from someplace that knew something about tranny's (that's why I went with them), and low and behold they are just USING a name... Geez, maybe I should form a company named John Holmes Inc. and see how many porn producers call me (yes even though he's dead)... SAME EFFECT as this Art Carr...

Sorry, just venting....


P.S. Bruce (WE4), I'll hopefully be calling you in the next couple days if the bank extends my limit on the old credit card.....
In a nutshell, Art Carr (the man) sold his company a couple years back and retired. It was subsequently moved to Nevada, then Texas from California. The company is called Art Carr Performance Products.

More recently, he decided to come out of retirement and fire up a new company called Art Carr Transmission Company, dubbed the Real Art Carr. It is located in Huntington Beach, CA.

The John Holmes Inc. transmissions are well known for having super-performing, hardened shafts. ;)
"The John Holmes Inc. transmissions are well known for having super-performing, hardened shafts."

There you go again , bragging Greg!!!!!


I really hate to hear that, but it is what I expected to hear. On the flip side, at least now you know the truth, that what you got is a problem unit from a problem company. I think Bruce can make you happy. Good luck,
I do think this is an interesting topic to delve into as I bought a tranny form Art Carr Performance just about a year ago. Art Carr sold me on his 2004r himself at PRI the previous year. I purchasedthe tranny right before they were moving the factory to Tx. and it took forever to get the tranny. Eventually it came and went into the car late last winter and lasted until late fall after one trip to the strip for a test and tune. The tranny is currently in Tx. getting repairs under warranty. They called me a week or so and asked me all about my car, things like what the motor was, cam, rear gear, tires and so forth. Seems that the person, I think it was Eric, who originally took my order left Art Carr Performance and went with Art Carr Transmission Co. Most of his paperwork was missing it sounds like. What I will say is although I have a bum 2004r Art Carr Performance is standing behind it and seems to want to make things right in a big way.

I asked the rep what the heck is going on with this Art Carr new and old deal. Basically what it sounds like is for some reason, Art Carr feels the sale that took place was not honored in some fashion, at some point in time. Monies are still owed to him so he feels he has the right to start back up. It appears the current Art Carr Transmission owners in Tx. are stuck in the middle as it sort of sounds as if a transaction took place between someone else and Art Carr prior to the new owners taking over, or something like that. Kind of like the current owners may not have had a clear title type of analogy maybe?????

Currently there seems to be one hell of a legal battle going on between Art Carr Transmissions, Art Carr Performance, and some other middle person. Art Carr Transmissions in Tx. claims they have satisfied and have records accounting for 99.9% of their obligations for the sale.

From what I hear and how it was told to me I feel for Art Carr Transmissions, Tx. at this point. To me it seems they entered into a transaction in good faith, are trying to do a good job for the customer when problems come up (we all have our hiccups) and is mired in a legal battle that is possibly none of their fault and costing a pile of dough in attorneys fees. All I can say is even though my tranny got toasted it seems they are standing behind it, want to make sure they find out why and fix it. I don't know if I will throw it behind 700 horsies again though.

Obviously this is one sided information . The industry would have a void in it without the real Art Carr around, who would their be to tell tall stories all day. It would be interesting to hear "the rest of the story" some day. I am sure the whole story will be outlined in double-spaced transcript.