rear view mirror map lights-option or add on


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Sep 21, 2003
Does anyone know if the 86 GN came with map lights on the rear view mirror as an option? If so, what's the code on the truck sticker for it? The car has the circular dome light(which is standard I'm guessing?) so I'm surprised to see it has map lights on the rear view. Maybe someone added this from another GM car? Search didn't have any info as to whether or not it was a factory option, but did show people wanting these as an add on for their TB.
To my knowledge Dennis kirban sells that rear view mirror. T-tops came with the Opera lights in the rear sail panels. I don't think that was a factory option for us.

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Years ago when I had a '94 S10 Blazer I noticed the wiring diagram for it's mirror was pretty neat. The two map lights on the mirror were powered by a constant hot and had a door trigger, obviously. What was really cool was the circuity for the delayed cutoff for the dome light was in the mirror itself.

I always meant to grab one out of the scrapyard for my Buick the last 10 years or so

....maybe I'll do it tomorrow. :)
kirban 2 cents worth

I know the correct answer is there a prize?

One post above is correct kirban (me) sells them something Buick should have put int he T-Top cars. Ones we sell I clean and install led lites and mirrors are like mint plus actual shape is close to the orignal I get them out of later gm cars gm made several versions I found the version that looks close to original and takes the same hex screw or whatever to attach to your windshield....

the end result is it looks factory correct they are in stock can't member the price or part number very reasonable for sure.
and they are in stock....