Rear Window Defogger


Nov 4, 2001
Just curious if anybody has ever tried repairing their rear window defogger before. The tab piece(power connector to grid) broke off on my in-laws car and I bought the kit from permatex(conductive glue) to repair it. I went through two kits and still no worky. Just curious if anybody has any other ideas?

Is there any way to solder it back on?

Do you have any pics. of what you are working with?

If there's a pad or blob of lead/metal at the end of the traces it could possibly be soldered back on.

I had to do that in the GN I bought, also fixed one trace accross the window in my WE4 with one of those repair kits, had to build it up kinda thick but it works fine. First try blew out like a fuse. :p

Post a pic. if you can get one.
As far as soldering, it doesn't work either as the glass and the rest of the metal are acting like a heat sink:mad: . I don't want to put any flame on the glass at all either. The only other thing I can think of is to try and remove some of the metal to solder to. I am curious as to what is done to get it fixed, other than having to replace the whole rear window. I will try and get a pic up the next time I am at the inlaws.