rebuild & trans brake

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A tranny friend of mine is going to rebuild my tranny and i would like to have a brake installed is there anybody he can get parts from and talk to for a few tips. He did my th400 in my 68ss comaro 468 bbc and that thing hit hard and lasted. He is local and I would like to learn more about my car as well. We were going to do this togather so can anybody point us in a direction. just tired of getting beat by the blue oval boys due to worn trans. Funds low or I would go to jimmy's,ck's or brian hoffer .
Thanks Guys
Thanks CK I really appericate that like stated above lo on funds and friend is local to me. I will be his ginipig as he has wanted to do these for a while he thought they would be a good match for street rods ect. and if we can build a strong one for my car then he plans building more for sutch mentioned. Will have him get in touch with you soon as he has time will be dropping off trans this weekend but he also races a rear engine dragster his name is Joe.
Thanks again
Ya checked his website looks like a must have talked to my friend tonight will be placing order on book real soon so we can get the ball rooling. Keep getting surounded by the blue oval boys every time I take it out but not going to abuse a slipping trans.