Rebuilt long block


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Sep 5, 2002
Rebuilt long block Wanted in Florida

Who has a rebuilt long block ready to install in the florida area or will i have to have mine rebuilt? How much(need to know)

Or who will rebuild fairly stock(30 over).

Who are the big Turbo builders in Florida.?
Some guys have bought the discount autoparts revuilt motors and run them. Thats the cheaps.. Finding a ready to go long block..$$$$$$$ get ready.. theyre expensive.

I would suggest getting yours rebuilt. But agian you didnt mention if you wanted a stock motor or one with a girdle, carrillo rods, steel crank, aluminum heads etc.. big difference in price.

If your crank/block is/are salvageable, then its probably cheaper to get yours done.
Motor was rebuilt then sat for three years in car. They could not get the electrical worked out. 84 motor w/ coil, ignition module and maf on a 87 computer. could not get it to run.

Now it has knock, checked the bearing all look good but still tapping or knock in the bottom end.

Just looking for engine rebuilder in the central florida area.

Some shop will rebuild for $1100.00 but I have to trust them.

Car is for sale.