Rebuilt PM unit from Kirban


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Sep 9, 2012
I just installed a rebuilt PM unit and everything appears to be funtioning fine except that I get a vibration on the brake pedal everytime the pump runs. That's about every 2 or 3 times. Pedal feels great when the pump isn't running. I did bleed the master cylinder but maybe I still have air. Does anybody have any thoughts.
A good working Power Master should run the motor when the key is turned to the on postition. If you hear it running intermittingly without using the brakes you might have a problem. You should see tiny little air bubbles come up in the resivoir that is normal until the air is out of the system. Don't over fill the Resivoir either if you depressurize the system the brake fluid will evacuate the sytem and go back in the resivoir. The vibration is normal unless you feel it shake while stopping the car.
Thanks for your reply. The operation of the PM work like it supposed to. I will check for bubbles in the Reservoir. I've had a couple of brake unit installed and you normally can't tell when the motor turns on from inside the car. This one really vibrates but doesn't run when the brake is not depressed. It normally will turn on every other time you press the brake pedal. The pedal doesn't feel soft just bad feed back when the motor runs.
There is a gasket between the PowerMaster and the firewall. If that is not replaced when doing R and R you will here the motor and have some vibrations. Also check the rubber grommets between the motor and bracket.

I installed the gasket and made no difference. I also checked the rubber grommets whiched looked fine. any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.
This is what cardone said when I sent them an email about this problem. "We would need this unit back to examine it to see what is happening. If you could have your parts store call so we can put a trace on this unit we can get it here and examine it. Have them call our tech line at 888-280-8324 and a tech can assist them on doing this." I guess I will need to pull this unit and ship it back. This now will make the 3rd unit I've put in from them. I wish I can find someone that could rebuild my orginal unit, it's in much better shape with no rust and low mileage. I took the pump and motor apart and cleaned it but still fails to turn on reliably.
Call me Monday morning Eddie and we will take care of it for you. There are over 5k Cardone units out there. I have had one on my car for about 8 years without a problem. I'll see if we can put you in touch with the Tech that will look at your Powermaster.