recovered theft


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May 25, 2001
how does a recovered theft with a new vin number affect the value of the car. The car in question is a "87 GN" It has no vin in the window and a state of New York revin tag on door jam. Clear title with 69000 miles on title. The car is repainted (very good job) with perfect interior. It runs very well !!! 12.5 with stock turbo and bluetops. What do you guys think? Thanks Dave
It all depends on what you want to do with the car.

If you want a driver/race car it is perfect. If you want to restore it to concourse standards, it's not worth anything.

I would say that it is worth 65-70% of the going rate of a good title car.

The miles really mean nothing, everything could have been stripped including the motor/trans. And a 169000 mile donor could have been put it back together.

There are a ton of cars out there that are in very good shape for fair money with good titles, I would look at one of those.
You may spend $2000 to paint it but it will be worth it when it comes to get rid of it.

Title discrepincies are a PIA. Both to sell and research.

They are always worth the sum of parts.
How much is the car? for 4-5000 may be great deal. For 8k leave it go. For collector purposes there is no way to match the block with the VIN, etc.