Reman AC Compressor went after 3 mo's. Need new part #


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May 24, 2001
The short of it is that I had to replace my compressor about 5 months ago, due to the failing clutch wheel (major grinding). So I went to Kragen and bought the reman unit for $189.00. Because I had not yet put refrigerant in it, I never once used the AC. Well, the reman unit is now crapping out too (the clutch wheel is making noise). Now that I've blown the $120-180 for the installation, I think I'll just get a new one. Fortunately, the reman unit has a lifetime warranty.

Kragen shows 4 different AC-Delco part numbers for compressors for the 86 turbo Regal.

They are OEM#:
01134354 $342.99
01134348 $321.99
01134349 $321.99
01134355 $259.99

The Kragen part #'s are (respectively to above)


I believe all of these include the clutch wheel, which really the only thing I need...but I can't get a refund on the reman unit that way. Plus, to replace the clutch wheel, it seems like they might want to pull the compressor anyway, so there wouldn't be any labor cost savings.

Any advice here is greatly appreciated. If anyone can tell me which part is best (or right!), I'll go with that.

Thanks in advance,