Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald

Thanks for posting. I was thinking about her today. I used to deliver supplies to her when she docked at Bethlehem Steel in Lackawanna. The self loaders could unload in 8 hours, she was not so we had more time. I worked for Frontier Industrial and Marine Supply back then in early-mid 70's when I first got out of college. Ships would radio in their orders and we ran around filling the shopping list and then would meet them when they docked. Didn't matter what time it was we were there with a big truck full of supplies. Their cooks always had food prepared for us when we were done. We ate good.
Back then the lowest paid hand made $35K a year and worked 8-9 months when there was no ice in the lanes but they worked hard and seven days a week. No getting off the ship during the season or you might not have the job back. I wouldn't do it.