Reprogramming SFI



I'm installing a Turbo V6 into my 1968 Chevy Camaro, and I want to have a hot motor when I drop the thing in. Looking for 400-450hp (or more...) turning up to 7000-8000RPM. Maybe a twin turbo setup....probably going to be more like a race motor than a street setup.

How well does the stock fuel Injection work on this setup?

Main question: What kind of Software/Hardware is there that will allow me to hook up my laptop to the ECM/Computer to have full control over the Engine Management systems (ie. LT1Edit)?
To answer your "Main Question"
The Felpro / Fast ECM is the way to go for Programming your ride.

Contact Cottons for a purchase.

As far as your other questions, I would post them over in the General Tech area for a good response.