Right angle USB cable for power logger

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Does anyone else hate the way the USB cable sticks out from the kick panel? It is just begging for someone to kick it and ruin the Power logger. Looking for a right angle USB to keep it tucked up against the kick panel. What is the proper designation of that connection to the power logger??
I agree 100%!

I also think the idea of the angled connectors would look better on the trans-pro & Gen II's. Those wires that stick out the top just looks bulky and mounting is limited.

Scot W.
That down angle one won't work as it will point the wrong way. I ended up getting a right angle one that will point towards the front of the car, will just tuck it under the floor mat.
It would be neat if someone (say a guy who made his own engraved aluminum parts) could find a socket that would mount in one of his engraved switch panels.

Just sayin :cool:
I'm thinking of mounting the ECM up in the glove compartment... to keep the wires hidden and out of the way of passenger feet.
This is one of few times that the TTA's lend themselves to aftermarket upgrades.The powerlogger installation lends itself to F-body installs from the P/L board to the I/O connector block and even the USB cable.

It all goes in like it was built for the TTA and is a struggle with G bodies. As opposed to being the otherway around most of the time.

The cable...PART# RR-ABR03-30G would be the best bet

Hopefully this thread will stay near the top long enough for me to get back home off this road trip and order one.
I ordered the 6 ft one in case I wanted to do something outside the car with the laptop. Rather be too long than too short.:biggrin:
How's this???? This is what should be sold with the PL. TurboBob take note!


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USB 2.0 Cable - Right Angle
A Male to Right Angled B Male - 72"

Got the 6 ft one so I can bring the laptop outside the car if I want. Didn't want it going towards the front of the car so went with the right angle. Just looks neater that way and I tucked the cord under the floor mat. You need the right angle one because of the way the port is. Ordered Monday and was on my doorstep on Thursday.