RIP Charlie Frierson

I remember him talking about one of his dogs that was sick. Dawn and I talked to him for two hours that night. I never talked to him before this. It have seen him giving advice on posts over the years and he was always spot on. But after talking to him It was like I knew him for years. Coach I read what you wrote. Dont blame yourself for anything. Dawns brother left us the same way. He was a great guy with a good heart .We were blown away when it happened. Same things were going through Dawns Mind at the time. She thought if she would have been there or called things would have been different. The Lord works in Mysterious ways. Those two are probably drinking that hot tub whiskey or what ever he called it and looking down laughing at us. They are both in a better place which I always hate saying because how can anything be better than life on Earth. Rest easy Charlie and Art.