RIP Charlie Frierson

A few years ago, I had the crazy idea that I would make and sell products for our cars. Charlie was the one that I went to for advice.
He encouraged me that it would be a success. He told me how to do it and connected me with all the people to make it happen. He was spot on with all his advice. I owe him a lot. Sometimes we'd call each other and talk for hours about projects, potential projects and just life.

As a fellow Gold Acc holder, we always had a blast on T6P.:)

Rest in peace Chuck. Rest in peace.

Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions
RIP Charlie. We are all better because of you. You will be missed!
I woke up yesterday morning and read Shane's post on our losing Charlie.......I'm devastated......haven't cried so much since I lost my beloved Mom last shocked that I can't even write anything coherent.

He was my good buddy for years....many, many talks we had....I knew he had some serious problems...I will not reveal them.....but this good man sure helped me with mine.

I hope some of you know that he was a deeply religious man......

My God, I'm so devastated....I purely LOVED the man.....nearly 5:30 in the morning now and still, I haven't been able to sleep.....

Charlie, my good friend...if only.....

I'm so sorry

Bruce '87 Grand National
Wow what a presence to suddenly be gone. My best to his family and friends who will miss him terribly.
RIP Charlie. Glad this was posted where everyone can see it. A very important member of the board that will truly be missed by everyone.
Charlief1, thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights, and your humor with us on the board. You are missed. Rest in peace, Brother.
Charlie was a true friend to this community and anyone that needed help. I will remember him fondly and try to imulate his best qualities. Rest in Boost my brother.
Charlie and I started our friendship right when he hopped on the board. He would come see me at the shop when I lived in Dallas when he had business. He kept in contact with me after my move to Connecticut, many phone calls, recipe sharing, before black talk ( I just listened because no one knew more).

I think about him every day, even well before this as he struck me as a true friend.

I can't call Charlie anymore. What I have learned from him automotive and otherwise, is part of me and it will feel like he is still with me.

Our time on T6P with the "undesirables" is well documented. If I needed a laugh I just checked in to read about wine, sheep, food, and what nonsense was going on here at the mothership.

He always had the boards best interests in mind.

Another Kinky Six.....He bled Buick, like most of us. He's now part of the metal that made this place and T6P what it is. I am thankful for knowing him.

RIP my brother.

Dan Brodaski
hello people; I never met the man but as a moderator he ran a very tight ship and hated me playing with words in my posts. He hated me as others do and that's alright.
Rest in peace charlief1.
May you find the peace you were searching for. May all your friends and family find peace and strength through this.

Boost on Buick brother.

RIP Charlie! You will be missed my friend! Thanks for your info and insight the times we talked!
Many years ago, Charlie contacted me via PM to discuss my build with our GNS Test Car and we were friends ever since. We would talk on the phone for hours at a time reminiscing about our past and our knowledge. We would talk about suspensions almost every week on the phone and sometimes every day just talking about life in general. Charlie was a good guy and a good friend!

Rest in peace my friend.....

Scot Walkowiak
GNS Performance