RIP Charlie Frierson

RIP Charlie. This man was a true asset to our community. If it wasn't for him, I would have never had cold AC or the suspension setup I have now. We had chatted a bit on the board and he was also more than happy to spend long periods of time on the phone with me to help me work through issues. I never met him in person, but always wanted to. I hope you are at peace brother.
God speed Charlie. We lost a true pioneer to our community. He will be deeply missed.
So sorry to hear this, truly an ambassador to the Buick community.
Sorry to hear about his passing. Conversed with him many many times. His heart was in the RIGHT place. RIP Charlie, RIP Bud!
Now I'm back...I can post for myself

RIP my friend.

This has been a huge loss to try to deal with for all of us here. Especially the ones closest to him. I think we are all now just starting to realize just how much Charlie gave to everyone here, including myself. The only thing that Charlie was more passionate about than Turbo Buicks, was the people who owned them.

Raising a glass to Chuck on this Friday night...:)

Mike B.
Thanks for always being there for the community and the individual, alike. W/knowledge, passion and guidance you have helped to create a good path to follow in spurring ourselves and fellow members to making our community better for all who enter. Though we will sorrow and miss you along w/your family, may we one day hear that the "Good Lord received you w/open arms, saying enter into my rest, thou good and faithful servant."
Now may the Good Lord bless and be gracious to the loved ones left behind. And put His peace in their hearts and the understanding that this is not the end.
At first I only knew Charlie on the boards. Than we got to talking on the phone. So many times I had to end our conversations because the cell battery was going dead. In '14 I was going thru a rough spot and he suggested coming to Texas for their local race in March. I was hoping for something in Feb. but he convinced me to wait. He mentioned Ray was going too. Ray who? He says: a friend of his. 20/20 hindsight, I think Charlie considered everyone here, Ihadav8 site, and others his friends. So Ray and I meet for the 1st time at DFW. We rent a car, head to Hillsboro. (1st stop at Red Lobster) Than we head to the Bosque Resort where we're staying. The next couple days were just awesome. Seeing Charlie. Meeting Greg and Corky. Going to the track with the local Buick guys. Ray and me laughing 24/7. Now it's all a blur and misty eyed. Charlie was a special kind of person. For those that have met him must agree. I already miss our phone BS. The memorial service Sunday was extremely special. I met 3 other Buick brothers and sisters, caught up with another friend, Carol (Charlie's sister) and so many nice Texas people. Charlie was a unique person I am extremely proud to call my friend.
RIP, Charlie and I had never met but we had a few conversations as well when I was having issues with headers. He even offered up a drivers side header to me until I got my t/a performance unit and I'm all the way up in Canada!!!