RIP Charlie Frierson


Staff member
Mar 1, 2005
As many of you know Charlie has passed on. I would like to acknowledge his hard work and dedication to this board and community. He will be sorely missed. He was a true asset to our little part of the world. He may be gone but we will never forget him! Prayers to his family!

Thank you Charlie and RIP brother!
I still cant believe it. R.I.P Charlie. I heard they are starting a go fund me page? Anyone know anything about this?
Coach sent this to me to post for him.

To Charlie,
So long my friend. It was an honor to have been your friend. As a new member of the forum in helped me accomplish the things I needed to get done after buying my way into this TurboBuick community with the purchase of my GN.
You always stood by me when my conflicts would arise on the forum. You taught me to stay very clear of the Political Section. You put me in my place when I stepped out of line. You called me on the phone and we chatted. You called me and balled me out too.
You begged me not to leave when my decision was made and you totally understood and supported my reason for doing so. You were as fair a man in your overseeing of this forum as we will ever know.
Nobody would ever guess that it was you that convinced me that I could make custom emblems...and that you and T-Charged have the first ones I ever made.
Last...I completely regret that we lost touch when I left the board. It has greatly saddened me to hear you needed one of our little group and nobody could get there in time. I'll always be left wondering if I were still in touch...would you have called??? We had several hours on the phone in my time on the board. Could one more call have made the difference???
I miss the board. I miss the guys. I miss you. The board is still there. The guys are still there....but you are gone.
I will think of you often. I will miss you. The Board & Buick community will never replace your unique personality and knowledge.

Goodbye CharlieF1...
I hope all your troubles are resolved and your at an everlasting peace.

Your friend
So sad. I read this earlier and it's been heavily on my mind all day. I did not know Charlie but have seen him around on this board. Puts things into perspective that you never know when or if you'll reach a point in life where hope is gone. My condolences to Charlief1's family, friends, and people who he touched in this life. God speed buddy and may you find the peace in death that you did not have at this time in your life. Rip Charlie...
SO happy I got to know you as much as I did in the short time I've been here. Made my TurboBuick Gold Account so worth it.:D I'm trying to not be sad that your gone,:( but happy that I had the chance to know you.:)

RIP CharlieF1 I will miss you.

Dare ya to post something and creep everyone out.;)