RIP Charlie Frierson

He was very generous with his time and knowledge. To this day, he still holds the top spots for posts and likes on this board.
Happy Birthday Chuck. Miss you man.

He sure reigned me in more than once. He didn't know me personally, but he treated me like a friend would in every interaction I ever had with him. RIP, sir.
Raising a glass on this day to Charlief1.

I am happy to say that your love for Turbo Buicks and the people who own them lives on.

And, it lives on HERE! You put much of your life into this place. You must have seen something special going on here.

Thank you Sir for passing it forward. I for one will do my best to help carry this torch.

Everyone who reads this can too. NO ONE took more time than Charlie did to help others here.

If you learned something from someone who took the time to post something here, you don't owe a cent.

All I (we) ask is that you pay it forward and help the next person. This is our love and this is our strength.

From Shane, that owns this board, down to every person who posts in tech. That smiles and answers the same stupid question that's been asked ten thousand times over.

Thank you.

Oh yeah. "No where but Texas"!
Havent been on the board in a while but just wanted to pay my remembrances to Charlie, who just through PM's, without even having known me, gave me his phone number, and told me when I was ready to work on my car again to call him personally if I had questions. RIP to one of the good guys.
Charlie was a giver. If he had it and you needed it, it was yours. That's just the only way he knew how to roll.
What he gave away the most was his time and knowledge. Just for fun, click to see who still has the most "Likes" on this board. ;)

No where but TEXAS!

Miss you Chuck.