RJC new intercooler

Rjc Ic

Hay Jason,how Is The Air Temps With This Nice Looking Ic.can U Post Some Testing Air Temp Numbers?thanks.hows The Fit When All Is Completely Assembly With Front End Attached
Wow that is really nice looking.
I would love to see some test data.
HOLY HELL that thing is massive! I know what intercooler imma get when I sell my PTE super stock location.
Bar and palte or tube and fin?

Looks real nice Jason.I know ill be calling you next week for 1.That mofo is HUGE!!
Here is my question.
Who are those engineers at RJC?

Here is what the website says...

Core style: Bar and Plate
Core size: 27x17x3.25" thick.
End Tank Material: dye cast aluminum
Pipe Material: mandrel bent 3" aluminum pipe.
broke1 said:
Bar and palte or tube and fin?

Looks real nice Jason.I know ill be calling you next week for 1.That mofo is HUGE!!

not sure what a palte is but the core is a bar/plate style. ;)

As you can see from the installed picture the weather here makes for cold inlet temps. there will be plenty of testing done and all will be posted when complete.

Not sure the guy that posted the width of the inlet tubes was about. most all front mounts that have the elbow at the bottom are about the same distance apart. The tubes are 3" dia, the hoses are .170 wall 4 ply silicon 4" long. very nice. t-bolt clamps. i have 2-3" and 2.5-3" silicone transition hoses that match so no matter what turbo or TB you have this should work just fine.

the fit is very good, the only thing you have to modify is that center nose brace. (you have to notch it as you do with most any front mount intercooler). The top of the intercooler mounts in existing holes and the bottom has two tabs that you just use a self tapping screw to attach to the bottom of the radiator support. quick and easy.

This is not a race only intercooler.
this intercooler was designed with street driving in mind and has the most surface area possable and largest design possable and still allow air to travel through it to the radiator so your car will maintain decient operating temps.
Man that is insane looking, I thought the new down pipe looked crazy. I can’t wait to see the next new product from RJC Racing!
What about parking blocks :eek:
My input is, don't let the wife drive it!
As for me I am almost divorced, no problem here! :wink:
My only Question is ground clearance

I have an aftermarket intercooler and would, "Definitly" want the Megacooler. Just wondering on the ground clearance, the pipes are so Huge.