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May 23, 2001
Are the rocker arms adjustable on the turbo trans ams if so how do i go about adjusting them.And did anybody make thier own tie down strap. Thanks Dan
Nope, but you can buy adj. pushrods if you need to adj badly but why do you want to adj. them?

I have made my own engine tie down, no problems!
Scott,could you post the info :D

I'd like to know too

I made my own tie down strap for my TTA and my buddy saw it and we put one on his car too. I used a motorcycle tie down strap and bolted it to the driver's side strut tower. I will try to figure out how to post pictures so I can show it. I'll also include my new cold air induction. I put my filter in front of the radiator. Air Tempertures in the up-pipe are between 55-80 degrees depending on the tempo outside and have only seen 125 once after a 17lb half-mile run. Keep in mind this is boosted air temp. Previously my inlet temp at the air filter was 140 to 160 when the filter was under the hood, who knows what the temp was in the up-pipe! Car feels a lot stonger now, but will know more after I go to the track wednesday. Current best is a 12.61 @ 112.3 with the eagle GT+4's. Can anybody explain how to post a picture? Thanks Jason
Well I can try and help with the picture.

If you have a picture already on your computer or on a disk......set up an account with a and upload your pictures to their site.Its free of charge.Once you have the pix on the then have an address you can link too.