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My TTA has no power and is hard to start. Engine wont go over 3000 rpm. TPS is adjusted. Fuel pressure is 43# at idle w/hose off. New AC 42LTS plugs gapped to .035 inches.
I bought car used earlier this year. I dont know what chip is in it.
I'm looking for help on what to check.
Any trouble codes? MAF sensor maybe? I know whenever I buy a vehicle I always do all the maintenance, change oil, plugs, tranny filter & fluid, O2 sensors, fuel filter, etc. Just to eliminate problems. I'd check on what chip it has also.
The chip has a round orange sticker with hand written "TA-4". Does that help with what chip is in the ECM?
I'll second the clogged cat converter, try disconnecting the exhaust just before the cat and look inside and also start it with the exhaust open.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I discover that #6 injector wire had come off. It starts easily now.