Scanmaster 2.1 with Blue LED display!

Eric Stage I

TurboTweak Guy
May 25, 2001
I've had several people request a blue display on the Scanmaster, so we made a batch of them. Not sure how popular it will be so this might be the only batch! Get them while you can!
If they are popular enough, we'll make some more.

This is exactly the same as the Scanmaster 2.1 for the turbo Buick, just a blue LED display instead of red.


Here's a vid:

Here's a link to it in my webstore:
Could you give us a part number for the LED segments to retro fit our red ones?
I'm pretty sure this has been asked and answered before elsewhere, but I could not find it.

I currently have a red LED unit in my car, I have purchased and am ready to install the blue unit. My question is :

The red unit has a Powerlogger chip in it. Will that same Powerlogger chip retrofit directly into the blue unit?

Thank you.
Gonna have a RED S/M for sale soon. Prolly for a real good price, too. ;)

And a NIB Powerlogger to go with it, if things work out.
So again, my question is:

In have swapped in the 2.2 Powerlogger chip that came from my Red LED scanmaster into the newly purchased Blue LED Scanmaster.

The car is not currently running so I cannot test.

Are these parts (the Red 2.2 chip) interchangeable to the Blue LED unit, or do I need to make alternative changes to make the Blue LED unit work with the Powerlogger setup currently working with my Red LED setup and laptop/tablet?
In thought so, but needed to be sure.

Thank you for you're prompt response, sir!
Definately interested in this blue display. I have a brand new 2.1 never used with the standard red display. Would be looking to trade my stock version + the cost of the workmanship to get a blue faced one if you decide to make more.