Scanmaster question


Jun 6, 2007
Yesterday when I was at the track my scanmaster just started reading a 10 and never changed. I'm talking about where it usually shows the o2's. Then I switched it over to 02's and they were bouncing around like they should. I have the upgraded chip installed. Has anybody had this happen to them?
Any ideas?? If I wasn't clear enough I'm referring to the numbers that are displayed directly on the scanmaster without changing the settings.
Ok, just to clarify. You say you have the upgraded chip. Do you mean you have the Scanmaster connected to a Powerlogger, with the upgraded 2.2 chip inside the Scanmaster?
If so, then do you have the Powerlogger software set up to show wideband O2 on the Scanmaster? Do you have a wideband?
Yes I have the 2.2 chip and I have the powerlogger hooked to the scanmaster but I do not have a wideband at all.
It sounds like you might have the wideband display option turned on in the Powerlogger software. There is a button called "Scanmaster Options" on the config page. Go in there and uncheck the wideband option. You need to go to monitor mode for the change to happen.
Check that out and see if it helps.

I'll check that out. Now I did hook up a friends laptop at the track who does log his wideband. Maybe that changed the settings??
Yes definitely. It would have loaded his settings into your Powerlogger. Sounds like you found the culprit.:)