Screeching sound. Help please...


Dec 3, 2009
I had my fiance fire up the 87 GN today. It has a brand new engine in it (less than 300 miles). It started to screech a bit. Loud as heck... it sounds low and front. Not a knock or tick at all in the least... Heres what I know... Good clean oil, no metal to be seen... Belt off it does it as well.. It does not happen all the time....It seems to stumble the engine.... Brand new turbo because I thought the turbo was the issue...It is very loud when it does it...The car idles like a champ and starts up just fine. Any ideas will be much appreciated... I may not be able to respond right away due to health reasons but I will check back. Thanks!
I will surely check that. It is very loud tho. I could only hope that is it

I have seen one other case where the sensor loosened up and began making contact with the ring. If it is rubbing on that sensor ring, I can imagine the harmonics being pretty loud. Hopefully that is all it is.
I will give it a shot along with checking the torque converter and pulling the wastegate rod off.
Any chance it's your cooling fan coming on? I've heard them get pretty loud, especially the Ramchargers style.
My A/C delete pulley does that occasionally, I just loosen the bolt and it goes away.

Still got AC?
Stock cam and still has AC. I spoke with Bison and we think it is the EGR blockoff. It is leaking so I am starting there. All ideas are great tho!
Is the belt lining up with all the pullys? Bearings in tensioner? Can you post a video of it? Wrong size belt?
I have torn the top half of the engine off. This has been my only day of freedom just because here we got snowed in...... I put it all back together with a new EGR block-off done right and all new gaskets/vacuum hoses... same noise. I am now wondering if it is the plumbing from the front mount as well...anyone have that issue?
I will try, I don't have a ton of time being back and forth to the hospital these days but I'll try. Need your number, it is not in my cell Dave. Thanks