series 1 or 2?



-sorry for a stupid question-
i found a cheap eaton supercharger with a 2.5 pulley, not sure where it came from, would this be a series 1? what size are the stock pulleys?

Series 1. 92/93 is 2.1", 94/95 is 2.6". Both blowers are M-62's but 94./95 has Teflon rotors, less clearance on the rotors so it produces boost at lower RPM's.
mine is grey/silver but with a 2.6 pulley!!!! if it is a series 1 (m62) it would be perfect - if it is an m90 i'll have to change the pulley
- any body here of a grey m62?
The outside diameter? We're measuring in two different places.

Maybe this is Ford M-90? The GM M-90's on a 2.6" pulley would explode. Ok, I'm being melodramatic.....
i don't have the tong type of measuring device - eye and a tape measure - 2 and a half inches to the top of the grooves and 2 and a quarter to the bottoms????
i found a pic of it on a magnusson ad page - still don't know - gonna mail them too

top left "complete superchargers" pic

If it has a really long snout and a 3.8" pulley it's an M90. If it has a shorter snout and a smaller pulley(like 2.6) it's a M62. A Ford M90 would have the output on the top, and would have a smaller pulley, but still the long snout.
i'm thinking it's got to be GM (it's under that heading on that web page posted earlier - exact one in the picture, mounting brackets,vacuum connections etc.) it's just got the 2.6 inch pulley! i think it has what you call the long snout too. you think this would be easy!
Is there a pn stamped on the pulley?

Maybe someone put a 94/95 pulley on an M-90 hoping to get 20 PSI of boost.
nothing but shiny paint on the pulley...20lbs boost would probably have taken care of the engine it came off....hmmmm
Tried, not succeeded.

Best I get is about 14 on my M-62's and they are singing.