SF Bay Area spotted thread

I saw one last week but forgot to post. Turns out it was Mark E's GN with the "Just a V6" plate.....

If you want to see a bunch head to the Round table on calaveras near 680 tomorrow night (1271 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas).

It's the First-Tuesday-of-each-month meeting.....

I haven't even seen a nice regular Regal lately. These cars are getting old and people are starting to keep even the plain janes locked up if they are nice.
Saw one parked on Taraval nr 19th Avenue Sat night. On the dash was a sign saying "please don't touch". Brave to park on the street at night!
Keep in mind that the price is always right on a stolen car. Even a parts car is worth taking a chance on stealing for some low-lives.
In San Jose, 101 south getting off at Bernal. 12:25 pm today.

Black TR, looked like t-tops, but I just got a quick look as I went down Bernal going home for lunch.


Mark E.
finally spotted one last night around 6:45pm at the corner of story white rd looked like a black turbo t.Anyone here?:)
Sorry Spoolin, but in what town?;)
I had seen a black T in Cordelia almost two years ago, it was super clean with chrome bumpers and aftermarket wheels. I beleive Dominic knows who I am talking about.
I spotted an 87 ttop GN parked in front of Nation's in Westlake Daly City today around 2pm. Anybody from here own that one?
a few days ago I seen a dark blue Regal with T wheels in Vacaville. Only seen it for a second and couldn't be positive but looked like it had a flat hood. Not sure if it was a T or not.
cool thread...i saw a real nice GN on the 24 going towards hayward the other day. i saw one in a driveway off of keller, there is actually a couple over in that area. and also another black GN with stock rims that i have seen around 35th with a girl driving. there is a green one in north oakland with chevy rallys... i always notice them when i see them. i havent had one for a while but have had a couple stolen in the past. the white 87 t was stolen in 2001 from in front of my house and recovered in 2004 in stockton stripped. the 87 grey t with t tops was stolen in 2005 near lake merrit and still hasnt been recovered.

does anyone know of a white GN in concord? i was riding behind one coming from work one day in my old iroc a few years ago. i had a GN at the time but was in the iroc. it was lightly wet out. i was about 20 at the time, the guy in the white car was older than me probably 40 or so. i was next to him in my iroc the whole time just looking at his car. he was not looking back or agnowledging me and my crappy iroc... which is understandable... anyway, like i said it was lightly raining... we get on the treat onramp ... it circles around... im thinkin to myself...this guy is gonna hit the gas... he hits the gas... not even that hard, but in the wrong spot and it was a little wet out... it fishtails right then left towards the freeway then he brings it back and almost hits the wall on the right side...but to save it from the wall he tries to bring it back and it does a 180 into the oncoming traffic and all the traffic stops except for the crappiest little blue toyota that slams into the front of it... i always remember puttting off in my iroc feeling ok about it after that haha
i'v never seen a grand national,t-type,nothing on my side of town(natomas,ca) till 2 days ago.A gn. idaho plates older male driving it. in mint condition. ive seen him two days in arow.driving up i-80 bout 4:30.next time im gonna try to stop him.
a few days ago I seen a dark blue Regal with T wheels in Vacaville. Only seen it for a second and couldn't be positive but looked like it had a flat hood. Not sure if it was a T or not.

It's just a Regal, no LC2, I know......he faked me out for a sec too;)
Dominic, he still did in March. There are some pics of it in this section at the Goodguys next to mine.
Did see a GN a few days ago off of Peabody rd and exchanged waves. I was in my T Type if it was anyone here. Younger guy other than that I didn't see anything too distinguishing about the car except tinted windows.
Spotted a gn with gnx style rims looked like 15 inch rims in the eastridge mall in san jose at 2pm 12-24-08 anyone?