SF Bay Area spotted thread

I saw what appeared to be an 86 GN hardtop with GNX style wheels exiting off Hickey in Daly City this morning. Anybody from here?
Not really a spotted topic but I just relocated back to So Cal from the bay. I lived in Pinole for 5 years. One of my TRs was stolen a few years back and I never got it back. Well...when I got it back it was basically a shell lol. So I just took the loss and the insurance money. The license plate said "MACKSGN" if anyone has spotted this 86 GN with TTops around let me know. I want to buy it bac. The car was originally purchased by my older brother his senior year in High School. When he sold me the car he made me promise that I would sell it back to him one day and I wanna keep that promise.
Snapped this T sitting in Williams CA, as I drove home from attending the OAK @ SF game.

Fathers Day '08.




Isn't this the same car on Autotrader? It's in Cloverdale up north. Cars For Sale: Car Details - AutoTrader.com
Isn't this the same car on Autotrader? It's in Cloverdale up north. Cars For Sale: Car Details - AutoTrader.com

I see it just popped up on craigslist too

'87 Buick Regal T-Type

'87 Buick Regal T-Type - $14000 (healdsburg / windsor)

Reply to: sale-983829112@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2009-01-07, 10:45AM PST

This is a WE-4. The car is in good condition. I would rank the car an 8, mechanically, exterior and interior wise. It is not perfect but it looks good and runs well. I use it to commute to work and back (64 miles round trip) and I have taken it on 150 plus mile trips with no issue. There are some extras that have been done to it and I have some extra parts too. Shoot me an email for some details.


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"I have taken it on 150 plus mile trips" ;)

My guess is that that's the same car. The antenna is up and the above mentioned Uniroyals.

It's a small world.
I was at Pick N Pull and seen what I thought was a gray T. I spoke to the owner for a minute and it turned out to be a Limited Regal with turbo hood, GN spoiler, TA wheels and for power a 92 Corvette TPI.;)
Spotted a WE4 on Noriega St SF today, caught up to the owner and spoke to him, also invited him to join our site.
Forgot to post that my mom sent me text about seeing a GN on 580 in Oakland a couple of weeks back.
I saw a pretty clean 86 or 87 GN with some black wheels (like 22's) getting gas at the Arco in Dublin (Amador Valley and Village Parkway) a couple of days ago.
Sounds like a guy named Jay. I think he is down that way. Did you notice an astroroof?
Spotted this '87 limited T survivor in FarNorCal. 90K original miles, lately the original owner has been having brake booster problems. Purchased new @ Moore Buick in Los Gatos. Blue interior. (daily driver)

Not a fan of the landaus, but that problem can be fixed. ;)

I'm trying to make this diamond in the rough mine. :)

Spotted an 87 ttop gn yesterday evening 7:15 at the Westlake Shopping Center, DC. Anybody from here?