Sleeping out tonight for Fast/Furious 4


In Between GN's
Dec 24, 2005
I want to be first in line tomorrow for opening day. The wife and kids will have to do without me for about 24 hours. I also told my employees not to expect me anytime on Friday. I just shaved my head and I am heading to the tanning booth for a quick 3 hour session. All in all I am very excited. I will have the FOR SALE sign on my GN in the parking lot to catch any interested buyers who are walking out of the theater. I guess I will start the opening price at around $45,000. I will be giving you a review of the movie from my laptop as the events unfold in real time from the theater.
Yeh Imma Check It Out On Saturday..... Its Hilarious After Them Movies, Both Previous 2, Everyones Lighten Up As They Leave,the Theater Haha Or Trying To. Maybe Ill See Some Turbo Buicks In The Parkin Lot Instead Of Rice Burners.....

i painted myself black, glued my gn emblem to my forehead, took my drivers seat out and steering wheel off and i'm sitting here first in lne with my seat belt on and laptop

Stop....yer gonna make me pee.
local Rave movie theater asked me to bring mine out. It'll be parked on the paddock. It's a huge very nice theater in Little Rock. there will be 20 or so guys for local car club scene as well as some bikes there. Mine will be the only GN. At least folks can get a look at a real one. I've seen the other 3...I'll see this one. Maybe some kid and his dad will ask me what I want for mine. If so, I'll buy another. LOL.