Slick vs Drag Radial vs MT Pro Bracket Radial

Thought I'm doing a decent burnout, definitely smoking but I don't think it's excessive.

Been a while since we did some tire tests w/ MT engineers. The consensus then, was tire temp after burnout, needed to be 10-15* higher than track temp.
One of the engineers was watching the "John Force bo's", and commented that it was great for sales, did little for performance.:D
Ok so I've been running an old tire similar to the new SS. And the pecking order is as follows: The lowest is the Street SS, then the Street R, then the Street Radial Pro, then the Pro Bracket Radial? Interesting how the Street Radial Pro says it's not for street use? Helping but still have a decision... As for the burnout, I always do it in 2nd, stage in 1st to use trans brake, launch and go directly into D. The 1-2 has always been very quick...