So, anybody ever use an MSD BTM?

I know some of the spark control boxes we have don't work anymore and was wondering if anyone here has used one of the MSD Boost Timing Master Boxes? I want to get one for the 82 Plymouth Turismo 2.2 I put an Eaton M62 on to retard the timing under boost. I called the MSD tech support line and he said I need to use the #5462 boost retard box. Well, before I go buy a new one does anyone possibly have one sitting around collecting dust? must be the #5462.
I use one on my '83 TR. It's somewhat nice on a turbo car for the ease of changing timing when juggling everything else. Even then, I'm not convince I neeed it. I find I am either under no boost or full boost. The BTM would be great to optimize part boost to full boost, but partial boost doesn't happen often, and when it does, your likely nowhere near knocking.

I see the same thing for a supercharged car (I have a couple of those too). Boost is directly proportional to throttle, and no point optimizing part throttle. Just push the pedal down further for more power. :wink:

IMO, hold off on the BTM and use pulley size to control WOT knock. Then if you decide you need it later, get it.

Sounds like a neat project. I had a TC3 2.2 a long time ago - a supercharger would have been nice. :)
Ive got one. It works for everything Ive done with it. Really to tune it you need a knock guage which I dont have. If I had my alky and 91 or E85 which is my plan for next year and a knock guage Id always leave it at zero. Basically it lets you tune on the safe side until you get the car set in. Im glad I have mine. Cant run 9PSI on 91 with no alky and no BTM!
Aj's got one and uses it and I have one but the car isn't running yet. You can find them on evilbay at pretty decent prices if you're patient. I paid $120 shipped for a new one from vortex supercharges and it's the same part and NIB.
It was almost a parts car, at least that's what I initially bought it for. I just couldn't bring myself to cut the car up.


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I run it and use it........ I like it alot.

its great for hairy edge tuning.

and if you have a BRPV then it really kicks when you learn your carbs fuel curve.

great tool, but for max -performance.

most dont need.

It needs one. I have the intial timing retarded 8* from stock. It really needs the intial advance to keep the off the line torque up. That will also help improve idle quality. It idles fine at 650, but could be better of course. I am actually selling it but I'm not letting it go until it runs great. I don't feel right selling something that runs ok or you have to tell someone to "take it easy" it might knock so keep your ears open.
I think pulley size right now is good. It gives 6 lbs. boost, just right. I'm still messing with it, probably need to play with jetting on the carb too. I know it's a little lean and someone else told me to go 1 range colder on the spark plugs too. The BTM will pull timing more timing out as boost increases so part throttle response will remain good.