*** SOLD *** - Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter Hanger - $75 shipped


Fixer of crap..
I bought a stainless converter hanger from G-Body parts a while back that I can't use with the 3 inch downpipe. I assume it will work with stock exhaust, but it wasn't even close to reaching the converter flange on my setup. I had to fabricate one that was about an inch longer.

New they run $129 + shipping.

Mine is $75 shipped UPSP priority mail in a flat rate box.

The internet says:
"As long as you use USPS, shipments to Puerto Rico cost the same as shipments to any other part of the US."

So sure, might take a little longer, but should still have a tracking number. PM me for Paypal info.
I’ve had one of these installed for over a decade! Works great & you’ll not have to worry about it rusting out!