Spanked a WRX and then was insulted!


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I work at a Hospital and they needed a 2nd call Team for the Cath. Lab. As a person was having a heart attack. It was 0130 in the morning and I was a 1/2 mile from work when this blue WRX pulls up . these guys were young and said they just dropped 28 k for their rocket ship. They said they were running 17lbs and they wanted to run , but they wanted to go from a roll. Well needless to say I dropped their high revving rocketship like a step child. We stop at the next light and they say that's a fast car you have there Mr.. sir. They acted as if I was 80 years of age, man I'm only 45. They had a fine machine as mine is basically an ugly stock 87 GN. 36lb inj. fender well dump, stock turbo, bfg-dr's, shift kit,dutw.neck welbro 340,14"K&N, cold air inductio(homemade),Accufab fpr,10mm wires 17lbs boost, Atr Pit-bull chip Couldn't imagine how fast she'd go if I could afford a bigger turbo and down pipe. I'd be happy with mid 12's at 5200 ft. elevation. Granted those WRX's are trick but for the money a V6-BUICK will go much faster. Trying to get my wife to buy a WRX sports wagon (would make a nice family car)instead of the Yawn-mobile PT-Cruiser.
Looks like it'll need 28k more to be as fast as your car LOL
I heard today those PT Cruisers made the top of the list for easiest new car to steal. If I recall took all of 5 seconds to break into it. Maybe the door locks are an option. ;)
PT cruiser was cool at first...... but after seeing all the soccer moms driving them, I think their getting kinda...... well i dunno..... uncool I guess. I sat in one at a car show and felt kinda silly lol. Then I went and sat in a Z06 and... well they had to drag me kicking and screaming outta the car.
Middle age Crisis ?

Maybe it wasn't an insult perse, but the fact that the young kids(maybe 19 or 20) looked at me after I spanked them and said fast car you got there MISTER. Maybe It was just me as they did compliment the car quickness. When they called me MR. I thought to myself do I look that old that they would call me by such a name reserved for older men. Maybe I need to paint my car RED and get it to go faster, It'll help me get through this mid-life crisis, and a little Grecian formula 44 probably wouldn't hurt either.
Seems to me they were respecting you. At least they didn't call you "dude", or "man", or something stupid like that. Maybe they were just nice kids, like Wally Cleaver.
Yeah at least they did'nt give you the finger. I have been on the receiving end of that gesture after layin' the smack down. Could've been worse I suppose. Anyway, are you guys serious about the PT cruisers? Ugliest things I ever saw, little Frankenstien looking mother*******

My wife is dead serious about getting one(PT Cruiser) she says that's her next vehicle. I've tried to convince her on the WRX sports wagon, but she don't want to hear it. For the same money (25-27K) she can have a vehicle that produces 113.5 horsepower per liter a 6000rpm. Plus it's all wheel drive InnerCooled Turbo charged, 3 point saftey harnesses for the kids, a good over all safety record, put a short throw shifter on for her, some 17" wheels, tweak it and bump up the boost and she'll have the most horse power production car per liter made . If I could just get her in one she'll go crazy and want one. She did the same with our GN, she hated it until she drove it. She said people would come up and challenge her, and she'd oblige them, she ain't no racer but she can stomp on the peddle and was having fun. The PT Cruiser is slow as mollases, you stomp the peddle and count to 10 and then you feel a slight surge, it maybe retro and kinda of a hot rod looking vehicle, it sure is not a performance car. Maybe if they put a supercharger on it, I think some one makes a PT Bruiser, that uses a supercharger(pushing close to 200hp, but who has another 5k to lay down on top of an already over priced anemic glorified retroed Neon. Hopefully I can convince her to drive a WRX and if she does she won't be able to resist the performance factor.
hey blackbadger , you still out there? How did the car run with the increased boost, numbers wise i mean.
Numbers game

She's still running rich, in the 790's at 18lbs boost, knock was 2 (2nd -3rd shift). I don't know about going up on the boost, maybe I'll inch it up to 19lbs, or should I just run her a tad leaner by turning down the FP and be satisfied till I can afford an Alky kit.. The Scan Master is nice that you are letting me use, I think it's quite a bit more accurate then my old OTC2000 the recall is great. Need to get a Alky system it would sure be nice to run at higher boost levels safely. The numbers are good with the octane of at least 95 or above, my car hates 91-93 octane and will tell me so if I go over 15lbs in this high altitude desert heat. Of coarse the high timingPit-bull chip probably doesn't help when running lower octane. Still good enough to spank those WRX's. We ought to jump in on the GP SMC alky system. Makes alot more sense then buying expensive gas, as the system would pay for it's self in acouple months. Talk to you later. Thanks!
Yeah, you guys should get in on the Gp for the SMC kit if you can. I really did'nt need to spend the money either, but decided a 50 dollar savings was enough incentive. There goes my tax refund! Anyway it should be well worth it, hope to get it by next week. :D

For what it is worth, they are introducing a turbo charged PT Cruiser. I forget when it is do out, but if your wife can wait, I believe it is going to be rated at 200 horsepower, so at least it wont be as anemic.

Hang on a little while longer....

Well, keeping peace in the family has value too. Don't write off the PT Cruiser yet. Next year, Chrysler is increasing production of the PT Cruiser. If you take into consideration supply vs. demand, you'll see much more affordable prices, particularly in the used car market. A 2 year old PT Cruiser is gonna be well under 20K by next spring IMO and people will be trading them in without a doubt. Total price with mods will be a whole lot more in line. Plus you don't really want to mod it before the warranty expires anyhow. Oh yeah, I work for DaimlerChrysler,, mister. :D Hehe
WRX driver stupid to want to go from a roll

I guess he didn't want to beat on his car because if I had a wrx I'd want to race people in bad traction situations where the awd means something.

Adam Mullen
From a roll or from a stop he'd of still gotten spanked!

Their power band is in the upper rpm's 217 hp at 6000 rpm and 200 lb. of torque at 4000. I would have hole shot him whether he had AWD or not. They weigh almost as much as our flying bricks 3250lbs is what they're spec'd at. I run BFG DR's 20lbs on the street ,air bags 15lbs on the Right. so traction was there, squat and goooo!. Now if that WRX motor was in a rwd Pinto with 3.73's I'd be worried . Now the STi /european model boasts 275hp, their full race off-road Rally cup car pushes 350hp, a bad mutha in the dirt,not the 1/4 mile blacktop! The one thing for certain I'd rather have WRX then any of the Japanese imports. Of coarse the Turbo supras can be tweaked. A guy name Frisbee has a high 11(legit) Supra(on laughing gas) here.
That wouldn't happen to be Neil Frisbee would it? I've been trying to get in contact with him for quite some time now.
Re: From a roll or from a stop he'd of still gotten spanked!

Originally posted by BLACKBADGER
Their power band is in the upper rpm's 217 hp at 6000 rpm and 200 lb. of torque at 4000. I would have hole shot him whether he had AWD or not. They weigh almost as much as our flying bricks 3250lbs is what they're spec'd at.
A couple of corrections. The WRX is rated at 227hp @6000rpm and 217 lbs-ft. of torque at 4000rpm. The weight is 3085lbs for the sedan and 3165lbs for the wagon in 5-speed trim.
Frisbee's and WRX's true weight and output?(113.5hp/liter)

Thanks Chris I was just trying to remember the specs as I was at work and didn't have the actual specs to quote. Apoligize for the mix-up. I'd sure like my ol'lady to get the sport wagon, as the cars are very nice, congrats on your 2002 WRX, they is nice. Mr. Long I'm not sure if Mr. Frisbee's 1st name is Neil or not. But here's a # to his Import shop (505)265-1970. The name of of the shop= Frisbee's Performance& Custom Accessories, they specialize in late model Imports. Hope this helps!