Spearco 84-85 Intercooler on e-bay

I found a new one on-line for $1,079.00 so i'd call that a deal....To bad i've convinced myself to stay hot-air
I run that style intercooler on my white car, its a vertical flow intercooler and works great.

Dont know if its the same make, but seems to work fine in my car. :confused:

Wow, that's one heck of a deal you got there Rob. Great find!

I won't disown you until you send pictures of it installed on your car. I'll especially disown you if you put those "Intercooled" badges on your car.
I'm not to sure if it will be going on my car right away. I have a heap load of work putting my car back together and other little things.
damn...it should have been mine...looks like im 4 days too late. I soo would have bought it instantly. hehe good luck with it all Rob!