Speedway Motors 10-bolt 7.5 Rear disc Brakes Conversion

Ken Adams

Dec 31, 2007
I came across a rear disc brakes conversion kit from Speedway Motors, part #91031928, priced at $349.00. The concern I have is the kit is specifically for a 7.5" 10-bolt GM. I believe I read on this site or maybe elsewhere, the rear disc brakes kit will interchange between the GM 7.5 and 8.5 rears with c-clips. Any truth to this? Please provide your input. Thank you for your help
you need to look at a speedway catalog,
it shows the different end/ mount for 10 bolt.
7.5 has a different end housing , than 8.2 or 8.5.
hard to explain, I looked on line , did n't see the illustration
listed in the book,