Spicer Alert

Jeff Rand

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Sep 17, 2001
Had Bruce do his magic on my trans. and at the same time I thought I would beef up the driveshaft (I had been running an aluminum 3" with a stock yoke for 1.5 years with my present setup). On the recomendation of the driveshaft shop,I went to a 3.5" aluminum with a 1350 Spicer trans. yoke. After 25 runs the yoke let loose during spool up and took out the trans. case and output shaft. The yoke split where the splines end and the knuckle of the the u-joint begins. It appears that heat was not done properly. The driveshaft company said they have never seen this yoke fail. I am not sure where these yokes are being built but I would strongly suggest using a Mark Williams billet trans. yoke if you want piece of mind.