Stay down gas doors.


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Jul 5, 2004
I picked up a few stay down gas doors this weekend. Anyone want one for $14 shipped? A few have the typical overspray or Maaco masking job done to them and will need cleaned up a bit.

$14 shipped anywere in the US, shipped USPS Priority!

Paypal is
FTC, yours will go out this AM, 85HOT-T, yours will go out as soon as e-check clears. Thanks guys!

Oh, I have two or three more left, if anyone wants one. ;)
DrBuick, it'll go out in the AM! :biggrin:

I have one left, not counting the guys who have emailed or PM'ed. I saved yours already.
Let me see if I can scrounge up another. Wait to pay until I do. I have three sold by email, but will wait to receive payment. I will post back with more if I find them! ;)
Okay, I picked up five more today. Same price: $14 shipped USPS priority!

these guys have first dibs, but let me know soon!!!:

Two more available for anyone.