Stock ECU Low Imp. MOD? Flex Fuel input?


just another member
Aug 11, 2001
Hey guys, needing some HELP.
1) Is there anyone left out here that can MOD a stock ECU to run 120psi LOW IMPEDIANCE injectors?
2) Anyone running Flex Fuel on a stock ECU (Modded with an input or something)?

TIA, Mario R.
TurboTweak SD2 is the only stock ECM system that will run flex fuel.

There are probably a few modded ECMs for those injectors for sale around.
Thanks Bob👍. I spoke with Eric the other day about the SD2 and Flex Fuel, I guess I will not entertain flex unless I use the ecu-GN. If I can't find a modded stock ecu, most likely i will use/buy High Z 125lb injectors (that seems to be my best option right now).
ty, Mario