Stock turbo problem

I recently had my motor rebuilt. After I did the 30 min. break in (running the RPM's up and down) I shut the motor down. After the motor stopped I heard the turbo continue to spin for about 45 secs. to a minute, real fast then slow down to a stop. I sounded almost like the bearings went out. Today I went for a drive and every time I tried to get on the car I would not build up boost at all! When my gauge went from vac to 0, at 0 I heard a real bad noise. I stopped and popped the hood and when I shut down the car the turbo made the same noise that it did before, you could hear it slow down. Is this turbo shot? If it is what could have caused it? I did spin a rod bearing, that was the reason I had the motor rebuilt. Anything I should check before putting on a new one? Thanks for reading and any input!
Randy Hagins