Stock Turbo with 3200 N/lL converter=


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Apr 9, 2002
FUN! Talk about some quick spool up:eek:
Hard not to spool up just leaving a parking lot!
Maybe my wife will run off and I won't have to sell this car after all:cool:
Anyone else had a undersized turbo/ converter combo before?
like to hear your impressions.
It's a LOT more fun than the other way around, Big turbo little converter.

It's on my 86-T
The first few mods I did to my car were fuel pump,exhaust and 3200 vigilante.Stock turbo spooled so fast I spun to 1/2 track at the local 1/8 mile on radials.Later I blew up a pt52 that was on the car and put the stocker back on (after ALL the mods in sig)while it was being rebuilt.Talk about crazy.I could do 1/4 mile burnouts from a dead idle!
For a while there(5 years ago) i ran i took my t63e off(for an upgrade)and had the stock turbo on and it had unreal bottom end was fun!
That was with a nonlockup 3300 stall converter and 25psi on the street.