stutter, backfire , dead.


Nov 30, 2009
ok.. so this morning.. driving to work on the freeway.. normal driving, stutters, backfires a little, dies.. i pull over. cranks right up.. drive.. AGAIN! does it 4 times before i can get it back home to change vehicles... no SRS codes.
will check that.. i have a couple spares.. i have a used cam sensor from the board.. my other went out.
OK so the typical response you are or going to get is
could be this/that or try this/that.

give us more info on the car and the current history of the situation. Ex, I raced last night and then this morning....

Give us a short description of your setup, your sig is funny but not helpful.

First thing pull a couple of spark plugs. Lets see if those are a mess.
Well make an educated guess were to begin and then go from there.
the car was almost fine last sunday at the track.. the car ran fine except for the alky not coming on.. so i didnt get a full pass.. i got home .. figured out that the green wire from the map sensor wasnt getting voltage to the alky.. now im getting voltage to the alky and its freaking doing this.. this afternoon im going to disconnect the green wire, to see there is no short or anything shorting out the map.. also going to check the crank sensor.
Coilpack/module is also a good place to start looking. Sounds like it is getting hot and quitting.

FWIW, if you replace.... don't skimp out.... AC Delco module and coilpack ONLY. This is probably THE most important thing on your car to keep AC Delco.
but if the coilpack was getting hot, would it just start right back up without sitting for a bit?
I would absolutely disconnect the alky. Sounds as if the alky is spraying at very low boost levels and loading up the engine with alky.

Do you have a fuse that is inline with the main pump, if so pull it.
yeah.. will try that for sure... i guess ill have to adjust when the alky comes in if thats the case.
but if the coilpack was getting hot, would it just start right back up without sitting for a bit?

Probably right.

I don't see anything real telling in the log..... MAF hits 255 at a real low boost and RPM..... I assume when you let off the TPS from WOT is when it died....??

Spark advance went up to just over 26° just before it died... and at 15 psi boost.... what is your spark plug gap?

Even if the boost was blowing the spark out... it would probably just pop... not completely die.

How many miles on the motor?
i did let off.. gap is around .25 so its not blowing it out.. unless the spark isnt very hot.. im using autolite 24's. dont know the miles on motor.. i bought the car, the motor was already built..
checked cam sensor (unplugged then drove), switched coil pack, same thing.. also switched MAF
I had the same symptoms when my hot wire relay at the rear bumper was going out. Died and fired up 3 or 4 times in 15 miles before it wouldn't start again.