Tail light retaining nuts?


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Does anyone know who has them? All I could find was classic ind. at $4.95 EACH plus shipping. I need at least 6, prefer all 8.
Dealer laughed, AVECO body supply doesn't show them. All of the body shop suppliers around here sell AVECO.


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The only place I could find them was classic industries unfortunately.....they fit well though
I found 13 plastic nuts. I can ship 8 for $35 to lower 48.
I also have the studs that screw into the taillight housing if interested.


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I think I saw some on Mike's Montes.

Pretty much any 1978 to 1990 G and F body's used the same nuts. Hit the junk yard, ya lazy bastard! LOL

No reason to pay "GN" prices for them. They are out there, en mass.

Repop parts are readily available on Evil Bay, too. 15 bucks for 4 of 'em.
I may be wrong but someone asked about these quite a while ago and iirc someone
said that dodge used them on the current charger or perhaps challenger, don't remember what
years or if all up to that time.
I don't know if you will find the same ones, but they are very similar in Citroen and Peugeot, take a look at the replacements for OEM 693825, probably, as mentioned in Challenger 2015, there are those you are looking for. However, from what I know, they are made of plastic, although they will fit, I am posting a photo here, maybe these will suit you.
Wellll, the junkyard plastic nuts here in Phoenix are gone or fall apart in your fingers like mine did.
The Dodge ones are identical to the ones on my car, and on a trip to the dealer, their price is $11.00 and change EACH!!!!!!!
They are used on many 2005 to 2019 MOPARs according to the counter guy. I couldn't find anyone with the foreign ones either, soooo I called all of the parts peeps for GN stuff and only found them in stock at Classic parts. I decided to bite the bullet and order 8 at the catalogue price of $4.95 EACH. But the new price is now $5.75 EACH!
I wish I knew how to run a 3d printer, or had one....
This sucks, they are prolly made in China, cost 14 CENTS there, and someone is getting fat on this!
I wonder if there is an injection molding company in Phoenix....
TIMINATOR pissed off as usual......
Nothing. I wanted new ones.
I didn't mean to offend.
I thought if I could discover a new source that all would be happy.
Thanks, no problem, I understand wanting new.
No offense intended but I have about $25K+ in new(machined, hand built and ported by me) engine, that includes crank, main caps' all studs and bolts in addition to the normal parts, custom roller cam, roller rockers, ported intake and heads, tall ocher covers, T/A Race headers, rebuilt front end and box, drop spindles. wheels and tires, ( 2 sets)trans, convertor, driveshaft, 9" w/ big brakes, big rear seat brace, big turbo big SLIC, dual 3" ex, rear suspension, all new interior from headliner to carpet, everything underhood either replaced, plated, polished, or blasted and painted, rewired, or upgraded. I'm still not happy with it yet. Body and paint was redone just before I bought it too. That cash is at my wholesale cost and doesn't include my labor.
I just couldn't install used nuts.
Those that know me get it. Those that dont, think I'm pathetic, but that I have nice stuff.
Even Greg (Mr. Spool) thinks I'm too anal.... I forgive him....
Do you stock something smaller?
That seems a bit extreme.
I realize you do need that from your years/decades of working for GM Corporate.....
Here ya go.
You can put it in your shirt pocket while you are scouring the country for new nuts.
As for GM... You are correct. Working there & being forced to drive all those new hotrods was a drain on my psychic.:D
The upside was they all had new taillight nuts.;)


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Oh Chuck, I talked to Larry a few weeks ago and spent 15 minutes laughing about your truck roof/underpass incident in the late 70s! That alone, explains the heavy usage of your medicinal unit!
TIMINATOR Anal, but OK with it!