TAPerformance aluminum block


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Jun 23, 2001
I have not heard thing or know anyone who has bought one of those new blocks from TA..... I have read on there board about the block and the heads that they are designing for us V-6 guys.. Can anyone give me some hard facts on this block and who is running it.
Nick I know you are down it that area if you know something about this subject please chime in..
Joe Horvith ...Noslo6
Dathan, thats all old news, I think Joe is looking for some current info, like are there any motors running, or have the heads been installed on any motors yet? Any results or info pertaining to these questions?

i have no info on running motors, however i know that D!ck kearny's and Nick's are in the final stages of machining and what not.

i am sure when Nick sees this post he will chime in with his latest news. i know of a few guys with blocks but i am not sure where they are at with the motors.

sorry for being so vauge earlier.

Duttweiler built a twin turbo TA motor (TA block and TA aluminum heads) for a customer that made 1180hp on his dyno.... There are a few up and running from what I've been told and I'd guess the rest are being assembled...... I know the one board member on here (Larry) should have a TA motor running soon and I know Nick Micale mentioned that he is building one for his car and some other guy out there named D!ck Kereny(sp?)....

HTH and I'm sure at BG you will see somebody with a TA motor!

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Jack thanks for step'n and giving me a hand..... Think I will be up to see you in the next week or two..... Wanna get a ride in that hotel of yours and I gotta see buba..

Joe Horvitrh