TCI trans in my T-Type........


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May 29, 2001
I've been getting some E-mails about TCI trans in my car , but our computer security system caught a virus in them. Don't know if it is the same E-mail or not. Here's the info on the trans...

I bought mine from JEGs about 4 years ago and it's still going strong....It's been through "Banzai" ,tire smoking shifts with 3 people in the car ,plus heavy jacks and racing tires in the trunk and still shifts firm . I use Amsoil Trans fluid and have a deep trans pan........Here's some tech info from their web site:

Transmissions All bushings replaced with quality OEM parts from Federal Mogul and Clevite
All seal rings replaced with OEM rings such as Sealed Power
All gaskets and seals replaced with OEM parts
All steels and friction elements replaced with new parts: Intermediate Band Alto Red Eagle extra-wide Powerband™
Overdrive Clutches Borg Warner (3 used instead of OEM 2)
Forward Clutches Borg Warner
Low/Reverse Clutches Borg Warner
Overrun Clutches Borg Warner
Direct Clutches Alto Red Eagle

High Performance turbo Buick Servo (BRF) assembly
Overdrive and Low Roller clutches replaced with new Borg Warner units
Pump modifications include a 10-vane rotor; new stator support tube with hardened splines; enlarged seal drain back passages; staked pump bushing; front seal retainer
Higher mainline pressure from special TCI® pressure regulator spring and 0.500" diameter TV boost valve raises torque capacity
TCI® Trans Scat kit installed for firmer shifts
Shift points calibrated to turbo Buick (BRF) specifications by utilizing a properly calibrated governor and specially machined components in the valve body
Torque Converter Clutch Valve modified for improved lubrication flow during lock-up
Universal Lock-Up kit installed which makes retrofits into non-computer vehicles a snap
Applications Engine Lock-up Non Lock-up
1981-90 TH-2004R, 27-spline Chevy, Olds, Pontiac V8 381500 381060 2
1983-87 TH-2004R, 27-spline 1 Buick turbo Regal V6 381000 381060 2

1 Will plug directly into OEM ECU

...Link for TCI

:) alan
just curious about how many miles you've put on it??

what kind of horsepower are you making with your T-Type?

I bought the trans in 96', not sure how many miles ,maybe 15,000-20,000. Only drive it on the week-ends. I turn low 12's, 12.19 - 12.30 , MPH 111.90..... so probably around 410 HP ...

:) alan
I too have the TCI turbo 350 from Jegs, with the TCI 3800 stall speed converter, and I love it. Drives nice, builds boost like nothing else. With no other modifications, I went from a 1.77 60' to a 1.55 60' just from the trans/ converter combo. Before that I had a 200R4 with the Orange stripe converter. I only have a couple thousand on the trans since I bouth it last year, but so far so good. Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in...
Amsoil Synthetic

I would also HIGHLY recommend Amsoil's new synthetic "SuperShift" fluid.................type F style performance in a synthetic. I love it in my 200R4.

Re: Amsoil Synthetic

Originally posted by TurboGeezer
I would also HIGHLY recommend Amsoil's new synthetic "SuperShift" fluid.................type F style performance in a synthetic. I love it in my 200R4.


I 'm going to get some on my next order in a couple of weeks...does it grab better than the Dex III formula ? :) alan
Amsoil SuperShift

Before, I was using Amsoil's universal ATF and could set up the trans to shift pretty hard without being "harsh". Since puting in the SuperShift, I have had to go in and "tweak" the shifts to add a little more accumulation. With the new fluid, it was grabbing pretty hard. I like a quick positive shift without being punishing. Now my shifts are even more "positive" than before (particularly the 2-3) and with my "tweaks", my teeth are once again staying in place.