TE45A w/water cooled center section option


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Hey guys,

I am selling the TE45A I received today from turbotwister here on this board. Here is a link to the original ad:

Original TE45A Ad from turbotwister

I PM'd him to ask him about the turbo... here is the reply from turbotwister:

the turbo is in very good condition.It has the normal amount of clearance in the bearings.that is it.it has about 2 to 3000 miles on it.i have gone 10.60's with it at 29 pounds of boost.this turbo is made for high boost so it will go low 10's at 32 or so pounds.i love the turbo,i am just going bigger .i am building an engine for the 9's.it will come with the water lines to connect it were the steel tube for the heater core connects or you can just not hook them up.it is your choice.i dont take paypal.you can send a money order,cert. check etc etc.let me know what you want to do.my number is 7xx-xxx-xxxx if you want to call.


I will ask turbotwister if he would mind fielding any questions on this unit... if so I will attempt to relay the questions to him.

I am selling it because I talked to Eddie Brewer, who has run low 7's in the 1/8 with the stock long block... stock turbo... and has inspired me to get my suspension right... and tuned... on the stock turbo... before I move up to something else. I need to buy about $1500 worth of tires/wheels/anti-roll bar... ect... to get this accomplished. That is why I elected to re-sell this turbo. I am only looking to get out of it what I put in it... less the $10 I paid turbotwister for shipping. With that said..... the price is $650 + shipping. Paypal preferred but add 3% for their fees.
turbo39151, you are second in line.... "simple" PM'd me @ 12:35 pm today. He requested pics. I sent him pics. He has not responded yet.

I don't know about the instructions for the water cooling part... there are braided hoses in the box with anodized aluminim fittings.... you need to PM turbotwister on this.

Hopefully simple will email me back soon. I will be out of pocket tomorrow through the weekend... but be back Sunday afternoon.

I hope to move this turbo fairly quickly.... I think I got a good deal on it from turbotwister.... and I am going to pass this on to whoever wants it... since I am going in another direction. At the time I was considering not needing it.... I had already told turbotwister I would buy it....I started to ask turbotwister if he had any other people interested... and bow out... but thought that wouldn't be cool... and I am not going to do it... so I still bought it... even though I had pretty much made up my mind before I sent the money order... that I was going to re-sell it.

This will make someone a good turbo.
SOLD pending payment from "simple"

I will keep this thread updated...if something falls through....turbo39151.... you will be next in line.
Got money order last night... turbo should go out today via UPS. Simple, you should get an email notice from UPS with the details.