testing waters on a trade of a BA front mount and new pipes to a pte stock location intercooler


May 25, 2001
I have a BA front mount(bought from turbo cliff) and I ended up buying new pipes for it from Dan at DLS. The hoses are crap but if you want them I'll throw them in too. Im looking to get a nice performance stock location intercooler like the PTE unit or let me know what you have. Just looking to trade someone even up. This intercooler is huge and i'm looking at cruising my car more. Thanks
Its a big puppy I do agree...I will try and find a pic of mine
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Just a little more info on this front mount. It is the 4 inch version I probably have put 25 passes on it and 20 miles since I purchases it off of turbo cliff the year before he passed away. Thanks
I passed on boosted slic. Still looking for a trade for a complete in good to great shape sperformance slic with all the hardware and brackets